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Taco Literacy

Welcome to my taco blog! Here, I will taco bout various topics on our favorite Mexican foods!

My name is Joseph Barbati and I’m a senior at St. John’s University. I’m an English major and this is my blog for Dr. Alvarez’s seminar course about taco literacy. I’m excited to be learning about the origins of Mexican foodways, how they’ve evolved over time, and how these styles of food are served in New York.

Food Interests Outside Our Own Cultures

“I am equally happy making holiday cookies and Mexican food” (Rick Martinez). I think this statement provides another important takeaway from Martinez’s visit today. Rick is a Mexican American who specializes in cooking the Mexican cuisine. With that said, he still holds a special place for another passion which is making holiday cookies. Just because…

Food as Destiny

“You don’t choose food, food chooses you” (Rick Martinez). This was a statement Rick made early on during his visit in class today. It was one of the most prominent ideas that I took away from his entire talk. The quote was his way of saying that cooking is not an easy profession and it…

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